Stamping Tips

Clean Up Your Embellishment Mess

Today we're going to talk about how to Clean Up Your Embellishment Mess! I don't know about you but when I need to dig into my embellishments, I really hesitate because I know it means dragging out that box that is stuffed with those little round plastic embellishment cases and they are all jumbled up in the bin with some ribbon and bits of other stuff that should have been put away but just got dumped in the bin (to be put away when I have time)'s one of my embellishment bins.... Embellishmnts before

And I don't have just one of these bins...I have multiple's really disasterous!

So I've tried stacking those little round plastic containers in the bins keeping them in tidy rows....I only needed to get into the bin once and my neat stacks were gone awry in two seconds.

I've tried putting those little round containers in zip lock bags but if I didn't seal them closed they spilled out in two shakes and it was a mess again.

In prep for receiving the new embellishments from the new catalog I decided it was time to do something about this mess in a way that it wouldn't happen again. 

I thought I needed something that was easy to open and close without much fuss because I have little patience when I'm designing...then I hit upon this...I decided to use the Full Wide Stamp cases---they are rectangular and snuggle up to each other very well...I can line them up in the bins and pull the entire bin out to the design table and (since I labeled the spine of the case) I can see in a glance which case I need to open. And even if I put the case back without closing the round plastic container--it's still all contained in the case! Embellishments after

I no longer have to dig through multiple containers or plastic bags...each is within easy reach and all lined up easy to read.

Now I keep multiple packs of some embellishments so I'm using the wide cases...if you only keep small amounts you may want to use the standard cases or the Half Wide cases...whatever works for your volume. You could also combine "like" elements in a single case and reduce the number of cases that you need.

If you are like me and like to keep small lengths of ribbon from the ends of spools--you can even label one for these bits--you can store a bunch of these in a single case.

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Secret Trick with the Stampin'Up! Take Your Pick Tool

Today I'm going to show you a Secret Trick with the Stampin'Up! Take Your Pick Tool!  

This is the great new tool we have to use for multiple tasks--pick up sequins, pierce out tiny pieces from dies, scoring with the stylus, scoop off embellishments that land in the wrong place...that's all very  handy.

Have you ever been wet embossing--you've rubbed the stamping area with your embossing buddy (to remove finger print oils or other moisture--to keep the powder just adhering to the inked image). Then you stamp your image in Versamark, sprinkle on the the embossing powder, flick off the excess and then.....yep there's a tiny spot of embossing powder right where you do NOT want it! Dang...and things were going great until then.  This is what I'm talking about..see just to the right above the "s"Excess embossing powder

Well, listen up--this is a great fix for you! Take the putty end of your Take Your Pick....looks like this... Putty

Then gently dab up the excess powder.... Picking it up

And this is the "after"----all gone! After
FABULOUS!!! Now you are ready to heat with the Heat Tool and your embossing will look perfect.

Now take your Paper Snips and just clip off the very end of the putty and you are ready for your next task with your Take Your Pick tool.  There's just a never-ending use for this super tool. One of the really great features is that you only need the one base tool and all the "tools" are simply screwed into an end...the piercing end and the stylus are both on the same part--just unscrew from your base tool, flip to the other end and screw back into the base. You are ready for the next task!

And...there's a new accessory for the's a Die Brush Tip (#149655)---I can' wait to put that baby to work!

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Stampin'Up! Leaf Trim Turns Gold- the Midas Touch Trick!

Stampin'Up! Trim Turns Gold - the Midas Touch Trick! It's a fun and easy trick that will turn that really cute Leaf Trim into a shiny gold amazing's a close up of what it can look like after you perform the Midas Touch Trick! Gold leaf trim

Fun, right? Below is a card that I trimmed with the golden Leaf's really cute in just green but adding that Midas Touch just takes the card to the next level of awesome, right? Gold leaf trim card

It's really easy with the silicone craft pad, Versamark ink, a sponge Dauber, Gold embossing powder and your Heat tool. I"ll give you the step by step directions for the Midas Touch Trick. Following that will be the list of supplies for the the trick and for creating the card too. I'll also provide the measurements for creating the card.

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Now for the Midas Touch Trick:

1. Place a strip of Leaf Trim on your silicone craft mat (I used glue dots to hold it down -- you can just roll off the glue dots when you are finished).

2. With a sponge dauber dab Versamark ink on the leaves and stem---you don't need to cover the entire leaf---leaving some green showing really sets off the gold. Sprinkle liberally with Gold embossing powder. Remove strip from mat and heat with Heat Tool until shiny gold.

The trim is now ready to apply to your project! Isn't it quick and easy! Doesn't that just set off those leaves?

Here are the measurements for the card:

5 1/2 X 8 1/2 Crumb Cake cardstock score long side at 4 1/4 (card base)
3 1/2 X 5 1/2 Share What You Love Designer Paper (leaf design)
3 1/8 X 3 1/8 Mint Macaron cardstock
2 7/8 X 2 7/8 Whisper White cardstock
Coloring; Aqua painter with Crumb Cake reinker, Crushed Curry reinker, Old Olive reinker
Stamp set: Animal Outing (this set is retiring from the big catalog June 3)

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Here's a great glue trick!

I love intricate die cut designs -- so Here's a great glue trick! for working with them.

One of my favorite die cut designs is from the Flourishing Thinlet set: Die cut

Gorgeous, right? But gluing them onto your project can be messy and a bit tricky sometimes. Of course, the adhesive sheets are a great solution, but I'm going to show you a quick and easy trick if you don't have those on hand (they are retiring from the big catalog). 

You need a silicone craft pad, a dauber, and the multipurpose liquid glue...that's all.

The silicone craft pads are great to working with any glue....snail, glue dots, dimensionals, glue guns, and liquid glue. Just use the pad under any of your projects that use an adhesive...when finished, just roll any residual glue off the pad with your fingers or with a paper just rolls off.

I'm going to give you the step by step process that I use below and after that is the list of supply items that you'll need.

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Here's the quick and easy glue trick:

1. Cut out your die cut with the die cut machine--I recommend the Precision Base plate (Item #139684) and removing the small bits with the Die Brush (item #144262).

2. Lay the die cut face down (lay it upside down) on the silicone craft mat Silicone craft pad

3. Squirt a puddle of multipurpose liquid glue on the corner of the mat and get a clean dauber Glue + Dauber

4. Dip the dauber sponge gently into the glue (keep the glue amount small) and then dab it gently on the back of the die cut.  Note: do not drag the glue across the die cut--this will deposit small globs of glue in the corners where it will seep to the front of the die cut.  Just dab it on the back. You do NOT need to cover the entire back of the die cut--go for the outer edges and some spots in the center.

5. Let this dry for a couple of minutes (the less glue you apply the shorter the time to dry). When you can touch the back of the die and it just feels sticky but  no glue comes off on your is ready. Now apply the die cut to your project....and, if it doesn't get placed precisely where you want it, lift it off carefully and re-apply it to your project.  When  this  glue  dries, it  is  clear  but  remains  tacky....thus the  object  is  removable.Press onto project

Isn't that quick and easy? I recommend washing the dauber immediately under tap water so you an use it again. Just  roll off any remaining glue on your mat with your fingers or a paper towell.

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Easy Trick Picking Up Stampin'Up Mini Dimensionals

Today I'm going to show you and Easy Trick Picking Up Stampin'Up! Mini Dimensionals! I don't know about you but sometimes those little mini dimensionals are a bit tricky to grab especially if your hands are large like mine. Those little minis are just perfect for some spots and I love using them but sometimes they are somewhat of a challenge to grab, place, and remove the topping!

I was watching some of my stampers hard at work when I saw one of them grab the Take a Pick tool with the piercing tool attachment and attack a mini dimensional. (Thanks to Mary Volpe for this awesome tip!) She was so quick that I almost missed I watched again and, sure enough, in no time she picked it up, placed it, removed the topping and disposed of it. Wow--that was awesome!.

I'm going to describe exactly what she did and show you pictures so you can use this wonderful trick next time you are working with those mini dimensionals.   Below that is the short list of supplies you'll need...

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Mini Dimensional Trick

*Grab your Take a Pick tool and attach the piercing tool Piercing tool accessory

Here's a pad of mini-dimensionals Mini dimensionals

Take your piercing tool and spear through one mini-dimensionals--go for it--give it a good jab Pierce the mini dimensional

Then with a sideways move, remove the mini from the pad (by pulling sideways you'll remove the mini from the remaining dimensionals quickly Pull dimensional off pad

Adhere the dimensional to your project, then with the tip of the piercing tool lift up the edge of the topper (paper topping)Lift off topping

Pierce the topping and dispose in the trash...
Pierce topping and disposeThis whole process takes only a few seconds! Try it out!

Here are the supplies you'll need: Order yours now by clicking on one of the product images below and you'll be in my store.

Clever Handy Storage Solution for Die Cuts

Today I'm going to show you a Clever Handy Storage Solution for Die Cuts! But first I want to give credit where it is due--one of my stampers, Jackie Silvestri, has passed this wonderful tip to me and suggested I might like to share it with all of thanks very much to Jackie for her cleverness and her willingness to share with us.

Do you ever prepare some dies cuts and then find you don't need them...they are the wrong size or the wrong color?  But, hey, those are great cuts that you can use you do what I've been doing---just toss them in a box to sort through later? And, if you are like me....I forget what's in the box or am too lazy to sort through a couple of hundred cuts to see if there's one in there I want to use. 

Here's a great way to store them and keep them organized---they'll be just where you need them when you want them....Jackie uses the Clear translucent envelopes in the Stampin'Up! catalog (item #102619)...I'm going to walk you through this clever solution so you can put it into use today! (One of the best parts is there's no labeling involved--I hate labeling stuff!)

Here are some extra die cuts I had left over from a project (note I'm using a 4 1/4 X 5 1/2 piece of red cardstock so that you can better see the die cuts---this isn't necessary if you are doing this yourself)

Extra die cuts

They coordinate with this stamp set (Meant to Be in the Occasions 2019 mini catalog) Coordinating stamp set

I slip these die cuts into a clear translucent envelope Slip into envelope

Peel off the seal covering Remove seal cover

Adhere the seal to the inside cover of the coordinating stamp case (note: I put the envelope opening to the back side so the die cuts won't spill out if I drop the case or something) Adhere to case

Then when I need to access the die cuts I just flip the envelope up reach in and pull out what I need and flip the envelope down again--the opening remains to the back to protect against pieces (especially small ones) from falling out. Flip up

Isn't this a clever easy quick more searching through the scrap box, no more wondering if you had any leftovers, the are right there in the coordinating stamp set box ready for use!

If this was a helpful hint for you, leave me a message below. If you have a helpful hint email me at and I may share it with our other stampers---share the wealth!

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Download AC 18-19 Retiring List_US

Download OCC 19 Retiring List_US

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Stampin'Up! Big Shot Die Image Organization

Today I'll show you how I manage my Stampin'Up! Big Shot Die Image Organization!

With the new Stampin'Up! Occasions Mini catalog products I've collected tons of new thinlets and framelits. I often can't remember which leaf die is in which set framelits. So I've developed a system that will help me quickly identify what images are in which set of framelits! Here's a close up of one set of dies... Single

I took the die set (Catch of the Day) and if there was a coordinating stamp (Best Catch) I stamped the image on cardstock and then die cut it. This way I'll know what stamps have a coordinating die. If there is no coordinating stamp I simply cut the image with the die.

I cut a contrasting piece of cardstock 6 X 5 1/2 (this way you get 2 pieces from a single sheet of cardstock) --this size will fit in one of the Stampin'Up! 6 X 8 cello bags (Item #102210, 50 bags in a pack). I adhere the cutouts on this cardstock and slip it in the cello bag. 

I cut another piece of cardstock (I used white) 3 X 6 1/4, scoring the long side at 1 1/2 inches.  On one side of this "header" I write the name of Suite/Dies/Stamps, the page number in the catalog...and now that I'm thinking about it---I would also include the name of the catalog.

Fold this piece on the score line and staple it to the top of the cello you have all the images and the relevant info about this set of dies. 

I'm storing mine in a plastic shoebox but one of my stampers thought it would be great to file it in a 6 X 8 album (#144764, p. 195 in the Annual catalog) which is an awesome suggestion!

Here are several of the ones that I have completed. Multiple

Now when I need a leaf die, I can quickly thumb through the cello bags and find just the right die in seconds rather than trying to see what they look like and what size they are in the catalog or opening up the die envelope and rustling through the dies...that just takes too much time for me. I need something quick and far, I've loved the efficiency of this!

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No Sponge Sponging

For all those who do not like coloring--even sponging--today we are doing No Sponge Sponging!  Aaaah, I knew that would grab your attention....this is a really fun quick way to get some multi-colors on your card with minimal effort and "no sponges."

Look at this card...see that multicolor layer under the leaf stamp? That is the "cloud" stamp from the Beautiful Blizzard (Stampin'Up!) & 3 lovely colors of ink that blend well. (Note: You don't have to clean the stamp between colors--see the instructions.) Leaf card

I used a wash of Wink of Stella which in real life looks fantastic...I did a close up here for you to see: Leaf

I used Melody Mango, Calypso Coral, & Pumpkin Pie--- lovely fall colors that blend to have the appearance of brushing the colors together. Such a simple technique & simple design & what an awesome resulting card!

Below are the directions--simple & quick with a couple of fun hints to save you time & money. Following that are the supplies you'll need & how to order them.

*This is the last week to use your August Bonus Days coupons---after Sunday they will expire
*If you place an order online & use this month's host code(4UGP9PMX) you'll receive $5 in Stampin'Up! product for each $50 in product that you order.


1. Cut Thick Very Vanilla cardstock 8 1/2 X 5 1/2, score long side at 4 1/4 (card base).

2. Cut Very Vanilla cardstock 3 5/8 X 4 7/8. Stamp the "cloud" (Beautiful Blizzard) near the top in Melody Mango (lightest color). Note: since we're working from light to dark ink pads & in the same color family you don't need to clean the stamp between colors --you do if you are going to repeat the card--clean after stamping the darkest color. Now ink up with Calypso Coral & stamp about 1/2" down over the first stamped image.  Re-ink with Pumpkin Pie & move down another 1/2" from the previous stamp.

3. Do a Wink of Stella Wash. Using your Heat Tool, dry the ink/Wink well.

4. Stamp the large leaf (Falling for Leaves, Stampin'Up!) in Early Espresso & immediately sprinkle with Clear Embossing Powder; heat until shiny with Heat Tool.

5. Stamp verse (Falling for leaves) in Versamark; sprinkle with Gold EP, heat with tool until shiny gold; adhere 3 gold metallic pearls.

6. Cut Gold Glimmer 3 3/4 X 5 (note: cut out the center for use in another project leaving a "frame"); adhere the frame to the back side of the stamped image with glue dots; adhere this unit to card front with liquid glue.

Your card is ready for sending!

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Great Storage Solutions for some Stamping Supplies

Earlier this week we looked at one  storage solution and today we're continuing to look at another Storage Solution for some Stamping Supplies and a bonus method of tracking our punches,

One of Sandi's Stampers, Jackie Silvestri, has also contributed another "neat" idea.  Do you ever have to chase your rolls of Washi tape around the drawer or have to dig through a container to find the right design? Washi tape

Let's l0ok at Jackie's method of storing our Washi Tape...Jackie has taken jewelry storage bags--the kind that hang you your door--thus not requiring additional wall or shelf space. She has deposited the Washi Tape in each of the pockets. Since the pockets are clear--there's no need to actually label the pockets but you can tear a piece of the tape and stick it on the pocket for very quick identification of the patterns.

This keeps your drawers tidy--no rolls of tape running around or on the counter top....this is a quick set up and you can easily identify which pocket to which to return the tape when you are finished using it by just matching the piece of like tape on the pocket.

Now she also provided a bonus idea for us....if you are like me you have quite a number of hand-held punches. Sometimes I forget exactly which shapes are current or which tag punch will be quite the right size. Jackie has taken a piece of cardstock and punched each of her punches creating templates. She slips these into clear baseball card holders and hooks these onto a large key ring. Punches

Not only does this provide a great catalog of punches but you can take these "cut outs" and hold them over a stamped image to see if that punch will fit your image. For example, stamp the "Thank You" on a piece of cardstock and then hold the templates over the stamped image to see which one fits best.

Two great ideas today and we want to say a BIG thank you to Jackie for sharing her ideas and storage solutions.

Before we go, just a reminder that if you place an online order through my store and use this month's host code (click on the Rewards button for this month's code) you will receive $5 in Stampin'Up! product (my choice) for each $50 in product that you purchase.

How Do You Keep Track of Your Embossing Folders?

How Do You Keep Track of Your Embossing Folders?  Are you like me--I just stuff mine in a plastic box and have to root around to find the one that goes with my current project--here's my box.. pretty pathetic, right?My boxI can tell you that this is not the most convenient or expedient way to store them or to look for just the right design--I"m constantly getting frustrated by having to look through the box or not finding what I'm looking for.

Today I'm going to share with you a method of keeping track of your embossing folders and of being able to quickly review the designs that you have.  It's a much faster way to track and to review designs for your current project.

One of Sandi's Stampers, Jackie Silvestri, was kind enough to pack all her stuff in the car and drive it to me so that I could see her system and take pics which I'm going to share with you today. 

First, Jackie numbers her folders--you can easily do with with a permanent magic marker--be sure to put the number up in a corner so that it is easily seen when you store them in a's a few of Jackie's that she has numbered--she just brought a few in a bag to demo her system. Embossing folders  numberedThen Jackie found this cute little photo holder that you can sit on your work station....this is the front of it Embossing folders closed

You could get really fancy and put a picture of you stamping at one of our classes on the front cover, right?

Next step is to run a piece of cardstock through the Big Shot with each of your folders--fit the cardstock to the size of the plastic photo holder sleeves --probably about 4 X 5. Then number your sample with the same number that is on your embossing folder, slip it in the holder sleeve in numberical order.

Embossing folders openNow you are ready for your project....get your supplies assembled, pick out a design, go to your embossing folder design holder and flip through all your folder designs to select the one that coordinates with your project. When you select it--then note the number on the sleeve and go to you box of folder to that number.  Just a hint here--try to keep the actual folders in numerical order so you don't have to search for it! LOL

Give it a try--let me know what you think--you can leave me a message at the end of this post or shoot me an email: Do YOU have a hand hint for our stampers? If so, let me know and we may share it with our fellow stampers?

Thanks to Jackie for sharing with us!