Memory Keeping at its best!

I know you have pictures that are tucked away gathering dust and not being enjoyed--we all do--join the club. Speaking of clubs, we have a group of ladies you gather every 3rd Friday of the month to create a 12 X 12 two-page spread. At the end of the year, they have a full album of gorgeous pages that can be placed in an album and given as a truly awesome gift to someone dear.  When they leave the class, they have completed the 2 pages and are ready to insert are the pages for this month:

8-21-15 left 8-21-15 right

Now you can join this "club" at any time and you too can create these beautiful pages. It's pretty easy, I do the design work, I cut the cardstock and give you all the supplies you need. You come enjoy the relationships you will build with the other Memorykeepers while you put together these pages. We do it step by step and you can enjoy the process as well as the finished project.

You do need reservations...the next class is this evening at 7PM. Can't make this one? The next class is (always the 3rd Friday of the month) September 18th. Put it on your calendar now to reserve the date and contact me at 410 0836 8016 or email: sandihartka@sandilovesstamping to reserve a space.

See you soon!

Picture Perfect

You have the perfect pictures and I have the perfect solution for keeping them in a beautiful presentation mode so you can enjoy them and share them with your family and friends. We use Stampin'Up! stamps, inks, cardstock and more to create these awesome memory keeping pages...

Check out these pages!

8-21-15 left (1)

8-21-15 right

Every month on the 3rd Friday, we create a 12 X 12 two-page spread. If you come every month, at the end of the year you have a beautiful set of pages that can be a completed photo memory-keeping album which you can keep for your own, or you can give as a very special gift to someone special!

Some of the ladies use the 12 X 12 frames or the 12 X 12 hanging stands--each month they display another set of pages with new  pictures. They keep the memories fresh and enjoy looking back on past creations.

These are the pages we will be creating this Friday evening (August 21st, 7-9:30PM). If you'd like to join us, you must have a reservation! Call now 410 836 8016 and reserve a space, join the fun and create a special gift.

Displaying your Memories

How do you display your memories?  Do you box them up and stuff them under the bed (when I went to college, that was my Dad's answer to every storage problem!)? Do you shoebox them and put them in a closet on the shelf?  Do you keep them on your smart phone? Do you keep them cached on your computer?

How's that working for you--do you enjoy looking through them with your family and friends? If you keep them on your smart phone--do you spend 10 minutes trying to find the picture you want to show them?  Do your kids know what their grands, aunts/uncles, cousins looked like when they were young? Do they know what you looked like when you were young?

Wouldn't it be nice to have some of those special memories in a nice orderly presentation that is in easy reach and available to share at just the right moment with your family and friends?

I can help you get there in a very short can ask a few of your friends to bring a handful of pictures, come to my studio and we'll experience the magic of getting those photos in a lovely arrangement, quickly, easily, and (this is best of all) inexpensively!

I have a method to keep you on track and not get bogged down in lots of details--this means that you will get those memories documented fast--it will make the activity so much fun--you'll want to share it with everyone you know--let me show you how  easy this method is.

Take a look at this page below--this was created in a matter of minutes--imagine getting an entire album completed in a few short hours....then you will have time to go out and create some more great memories!

Proj life Shawn & Tami & GG

But, you say, I love to do traditional scrapbooking too! No worries, you can always create a lovely intro page to a section of photos...for example, here's a traditional scrap page I just created--I can use this to begin a series of photos celebrating a family event....then follow with several pages containing tons of pictures like the one above...this is YOUR memory album, you can create it in any way that brings you pleasure.  

2-20-15 Scrap - left

I think you will find that this new method of displaying your memories will solve your problems of
*How to get started...where to begin
*What to do with all those pictures
*How to do it without spending hours and hours and (let's face it) days of work
*Keep in inexpensive so that you will still have dollars to spend on making new memories

Call me today 410 836 8016 or email me and let's get started!

New Design!

New Design for the Memory keeping class on 2/20!  We are keeping the pages "general" in design this year (as opposed to seasonal pages in the past). By using a general design you can incorporate many types of photos into your album--heritage, family, events, groups, clubs, etc. We are keeping the colors to muted tones also--in this (and last month's pages) we are in the neutral tones and some awesome accessories to keep it interesting. 

One feature that will be included in each set of pages is an area where you can journal---now don't groan--we are not talking about pages and pages of writing. As I  look back at photos and albums from my past, I often don't remember (or never knew) the event, the people in the pictures, or the date of the pictures. That is awesome and really important information.

So when I say an area for journaling--just include names, dates, places, events...that way the future generations will be able to  understand what the photo actually represents.

Some of the ladies who attend these classes also attend the Project Life classes--using the pocketed pages for quick and easy assembly of pictures with a bit of accessorizing.  This way you have the best of both world.....lovely presentation pages to begin a section...then follow with Project Life pages to add serveral more photos that can be quickly assembled.

If you think the future generations won't want to look at these pics--you are wrong! I do a Heritage album for my family every year for Christmas. This year my great niece (she's still pretty little) made her Grandmom sit down with the newest album and go through the pictures to see who was who and what their relationships are. Pretty cool!

OK, back to the February pages, here they are--you need to register to make these can email or call me 410 836 8016 to register.  The event is a Friday evening (2/20) from 7-9:30PM. 

2-20-15 Scrap - left

2-20-15 right


New Photo Album Styles for Classes

We are starting the new year with a new style of Photo albums styles - 2 of them!

First we are having 3 classes in which you will be able to complete a photo album using the new Project Life products--in the classes you will receive the pocketed pages (1 & 2 class, a set of cards (1st class) and the leather photo album (last class). Also included is a set of grid cards for journaling (adding names and dates to your pages).  If you are interested I still have 2 spaces available--contact me now to start on your holiday pics and get that album done!

Second, our traditional photo album pages will be getting a new look! Instead of the usual seasonal pages which many of you have but don't use or can't use for your pictures, we are going to general look pages--these are great for family photos, heritage pictures, or general occasion photos...this way you won't be limited to a specific season but can use these pages for all types of photos,

Why not get out those boxes of photos you have stuffed in the closet, the storage room, the basement, and under the bed--bet you didn't know I knew about those, right? Well, don't start squirming about your secret photo stashes---we all have them. Start your year off by getting those out, selecting a few representative photos and get them into a format that you and your family can enjoy! Join our regular scrapbooking groups and make some awesome pages and show off those photos!

Check the Class Schedule and Sign up today!

Attached are the first set of pages--and since photographs of these pages does not really show you any sparkle or shine that really gives them some character--I'm also including a snap of one of the embellishments so you can get the flavor of these pages and what they really look like.

1-16-1-1 1-16-2-11-16-3