Creating Another Striking Card with Stampin'Up! New Naturally Gilded Designer Series Specialty Paper
Creating a Simply Gorgeous Card with Stampin'Up! Fancy Flora Designer Series Paper

How to Create the Cutest Easter Basket with Stampin'Up! Fancy Flora Designer Series Paper

Today we'll show you How to Create the Cutest Easter Basket with Stampin'Up! Fancy Flora Desginer Series Paper.  I fell in love with this designer paper the first time I saw it & using it for Easter baskets works beautifully.

These are the designs in this gorgeous set of papers...


Here's a set of baskets created with 4 of these designs...

4 baskets

A closer look at one...

Single basket

In this photo you can get a really good view of the designer paper pattern---the mix & blend of the color splashes is very appealing. There are 12 patterns in this paper pack & each side is anothe set of 12 patterns---you can create 24 unique basket designs. Then considering you have 48 sheets of paper in this pack....well,  you get the picture.

Stop back  Thursday --see what we're creating with this Fancy Flora DSP!

I'll give you step by step directions below followed by the supply list.


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Select your design (6x6). Score each side at 2"-this looks like a tic tac toe board.

On 2 opposite sides cut up on the score line to the crossing score line--do this on both opposite sides. (see pink sample below)

In middle section of the 2 opposite sides make pencil mark at the mid point (at 1")

    a. cut from the midpoint to left intersection of that section with the crossing score line. Repeat on right side. Do the same to the opposite side. (See pink sample below)

    b. cut the end sections in approximate this on both the left & right sections.  Repeat on opposite side. (See pink sample below)


    *Working on one side add a strip of Stampin'Seal to the inside edge of the 2 sections of 3 "fingers."

    *Hold pointed center section in one hand - bring up the closest "finger" on the left side & stick to the outside of the middle section...

(no clip needed--it will stick to center section with Stampin'Seal)

    *Then bring up the closest finger on the right side... stick it to the first finger...


   * Then bring up the 2nd finger on the left side..stick to previous finger...




    *Bring up the 2nd finger on the right... stick to previous finger...


    *Now bringing up the last (3rd) finger on the left--place this straight horizontally (there will be a bit of the previous fingers showing--we'll take care of that last).


 *Lastly bring up the 3rd finger on the right side-- make it straight horizontally...these last 2 fingers form the basket rim. Snip off the points showing above the rim on both sides.


    Repeat on the the other side.

    *Cut coordinating cardstock (in the single basket - Freesia) 8 1/2 X 3/4

    *Using a paper punch make small hole in the middle of both ends & in the center of both sides of the basket rim. Using brads or paper fasteners (found in office supply stores) push ends through hole/spread prongs to attach handle.

    *Cut approximately 9" of  ribbon (single sample uses Freesia); tie in bow--attach where handle is attached.

Your basket is ready for filling!

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