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Part 2 of Many Mates

The Little Known Secret of Shimmer

Today I'm going to share with you The Little Known Secret of Shimmer! The reason I say "little known" is because during the past 2 weeks I've been showing some new samples using this product and no one seems to remember that it is a current tool we can use!

The Shimmer tool is the Shimmer Paint we have in the Stampin'Up! catalog--we have two colors

*Frost White (#147046)
*Champagne Mist (#147044)

As you would expect...the Frost White leaves a beautiful frosty sheen to the surface which you can view below in this card using the new Evergreen Forest Folder (#153577) with an over lay of the Frost White shimmer paint... Trees

Then I used the Champagne mist on a sun being prepared for a can see how it really adds pizzazz to that "sunshine"


I'm going to show you a couple of ways to apply this paint depending on the size of the area you want to cover and whether you want a total coverage or just bits of it....

First, let's work on the large area like the sun above...this is approximately a 3" I want to choose a tool that covers a large area quickly...a sponge....

Shake the paint bottle, upend it on the sponge and WIPE off excess--less is better. You can always add another coat but if you add too much it may streak and not give you optimal results. Now using circular motions--small circles, cover the area completely. If you find you need more shine, repeat until you get the effect you like. Here's a picture comparing the champagne color (top) with the white frost (bottom).


Second, I'll explain how to cover a smaller more precise area like the trees on the above card. We'll want to use a smaller tool so we can control the paint grab a sponge dauber. Shake the paint bottle and place the sponge part of the dauber over the opening, upend the bottle and wipe off excess just like with the sponge.

Wipe dauberNow you can highlight the image with the dauber--remember if you use the sponge part flat you will get a larger broader coverage. If you use the edge of the sponge you can get a more precise coverage.

Dauber trees

Now, third, if you need lots of control or want to add the paint to a very specific precise area you can use a paint brush...just upend the paint so there is a bit in the lid--dip your brush in the lid to grab a bit of paint and begin applying to your project. Again, less is better. You can alway add another coat but it's almost impossible to remove too much paint.


Now if you need to order these wonderful paints to add more shimmer to your projects, just click on the Shop Now button and you'll be in my store!