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August 2020

Helpful Hints on Using Stampin'Up! New Online Ordering Site - How to Use It!

Today I'm going to reveal Helpful Hings on Using Stampin'Up! New Online Ordering Site - How to Use It!

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August 4th at 9AM Eastern Time– Stampin’Up! Introduces a new Online Ordering System

(Yes, the new Holiday mini goes live and
the new Online Ordering System goes live all at the same time!)
I’m sure it will be an interesting day!
(BTW- I plan to be unreachable that day....just kidding...let me know if you run into problems)

Briefly you can expect to see the following:

*Designed to work well on all devices: mobiles, tablet like devices and computers

*Arriving at you will choose to enter the site through “Sign In” or “Create Account”
or just go shopping (to sign in or create an account you will see the clickables in the upper right corner)

*Usernames & Passwords as well as your other account information will remain unchanged (except for a new look)
*Note: because this will be a new “address” your old bookmarks will most likely
not recogonize the new site—these may have to be reset

                                                *Note if you have forgotten your password, there will be a link that will allow you to reset your password
 ---this will come through an email via “
(to be sure this reaches your inbox be sure this address is a “safe” one in your email system).

*Account settings:

            *Will indicate the last 5 demonstrators you’ve shopped with and will have the “current preferred” one indicated.
P.S. If you would indicate ME as your preferred, I would greatly appreciate that!

*Saved Shopping Basket: If you leave the shopping experience without checking out—
your items will be saved and you can come back later to finish shopping & checkout
(you will not have to start all over)

*When you click on a product image,

*the image enlarges, below the image will appear a detailed description of the item;
on the righthand side you can add it to your cart OR
*you will see a heart symbol and you can add it to your Wish list.
You may set up as many Wish Lists as you want AND
*you may share these with anyone—
there is a Share Link that will pop up—just copy the link and send it to anyone.

*Cashing in Host Rewards:
when the total dollar amount reaches $150 (and above)
you will see a popup indicating you have Host Rewards to cash in.
When your total reaches $450 (and above) you will see an option for selecting an item for 50% off.

            After this happens, any product that you navigate to will give you 3 options:

            *Add to basket

            *Use Rewards points

            *Get 50% off

Depending on which option you select, your product will be assigned to that category.

*View Basket – This is where boxes appear to

                        *enter coupon codes

                       enter host code

*Feedback Button: on the right side is a Bermuda Bay tab/button that says “FEEDBACK”—
when you click that you will be able to make your opinion known about anything to Stamin’Up!

*Checking out—you may choose a demonstrator who will get credit for your order
(if you have an account and have selected a demo this will occur automatically)
or you may choose to have one assigned for you.
If you choose the latter—one will be chosen that live in proximity to you.

*Inventory Status – The new shopping site will be linked to the Inventory Status –
this means that you will see if the item is not orderable or on backorder
and sometimes a indication of when it may be back in stock.


This should help you navigate a bit through the new Online ordering system
Should you run into any issues please contact me at 410 836 8016 or