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How to Turn Clear Mount Stamps into Cling Stamps

Today I'm going to show you step by step How to Turn Clear Mount Stamps into Cling Stamps.

You probably have several great stamp sets that are called "Clear Mount"--these are red rubber stamps that have a label that is shiny plastic--but this shiny plastic does not stick well to the clear blocks...they fall off easily. There are several ways to make them stick but these are usually temporary and require re-doing from time to time.

Clear mount

There's a very easy way to convert these Clear Mount stamps into "Cling" stamps with a label that sticks like glue to the clear blocks. Cling stamps are red rubber stamps that have a plastic label but these labels stick very very well to the clear blocks. 

ClingI'm going to give you directions to convert your Clear Mount stamps into "cling" stamps that will stick very well to the clear blocks.

1. Take the excess label sheet from a Cling Stamp Set--this is the sheet from which you have labeled the stamps in your stamp looks like this:

Label sheet from a cling stamp set

Or you can purchase a packet of the Cling Adhesive Sheets (#152452)--there are 168 cling labels in each pack ($8). Here's what the labels look like in the package--

Sheet of cling labeling

2. I'll explain the process using the excess cling material on the label sheet

    *Cut a small rectangle from the extra unused label sheet

Cut rectangle from excess cling labelint sheetHere's the rectangle

Rectangle cut from excess cling label sheet

3. Lay this on a hard surface with the 'shiny' side up; with the tip of your paper snips score a line down the center:

Score shiny backing side of cling material

4. Peel off the backing starting at the score line...

Peel backing on cling material

5. Then apply the sticky surface (uncovered by removing the backing) to the Clear Mount stamp label

Cling material adhered to clear mount label6. With the tip of your paper snips, score the backing

Score and peel off backing

This is your new "cling" stamp with the cling material adhering to the Clear Mount label

Cling label on clear labeled stampe

7. Now you can adhere this to a clear block and it will stick just like a Cling stamp

Clinging to block

If you use the Cling Adhesives labels (#152452) they are already cut into rectangles  (see below--a single cling label is outlined in black and it is scored horizontally....just peel the backing from the cling material...just stick this onto the Clear Mount labeled stamp, peel off the backing layer (on which the label is mounted)...and you are ready to mount on the clear block.

Single cling label

When you are finished stamping, be sure to clean your stamp with Stampin'Mist, peel gently from the clear block and store in the stamp case. If you leave the stamp mounted on the clear block for a long period of time it will stick very securely. Be very careful to gently peel the stamp from the clear block so you will not tear the foam mounting material. Using the spatula on the Take Your Pick Tool will help release the label from the clear block.

Enjoy your new 'cling' stamps..if you have any questions call me at 410 836 8016 or email me at [email protected]