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Threen Ways to Use Blender Pens

Today I'm going to show you Three Ways to use Blender Pens. These are not "Blends" --the alcohol markers...these are the Blender Pens  (#102845) and come in a box of 3 pens that looks like this...

Blender pensThese pens have a clear liquid that we can use in a couple of fun ways...

First, let's use it to "blend" watercolor pencils....

    *Stamp your image in Stazon Jet Black ink--this is a permanent ink that will not bleed into your coloring when exposed to liquid like that in the Blender pens.

    *Color your image with Watercolor pencils.

    *Then use your Blender to "blend' the color --it will become slightly more vivid and smooth out the coloring "lines."

Blender penNote: When you are finished coloring one color, wipe the tip of the Blender Pen across a scrap paper until it runs clear so you do not mix your colors.

The second use of Blender Pens is for coloring when you do not have a marker in the color you need but you DO have an ink pad with that color..

    *Stamp your image in Stazon Jet Black ink

    *Place a drop of ink from your reinker in the lid of that same color ink pad

Reinker    *With the tip of the reinker bottle, smear the ink a bit in the lid so that it is not quite so dense.

Smeared ink    *Now with the tip of the Blender Pen, pick up a bit of ink in one of the lighter inked areas and color your image.

Color grapesWhen you are finished with the purple (Gorgeous Grape), wipe the tip of the Blender Pen along scrap paper until it runs clear.

Now the third way  to use the Blender Pens is to create a new color. For example, in our grapes image, let's say we do not have a green ink pad with which to color the leaves....

    *Take one of your clear blocks (that you use for stamping), and ink one half of it in yellow

Ink with daffodil

*Turn it 180 degrees and ink the other half in Balmy Blue

Ink with balmy

Set the inked block on the table and with your Blender Pen mix the blue and yellow together forming a green color...now you can color in the leaves with your new green color...

Mixing ink on block Colored leaves
Now, what fun is that---you can now experiment to create your own colors and blends of colors to suite whatever image you are stamping!