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How to Convert Wood Stamps to Cling Stamps & Save 3/4 of Your Current Storage Space

Hi, I'm going to show you How to Convert Wood Stamps to Cling Stamps & Save 3/4 of Your Current Storage SpaceOne of our long time stampers, Sandy Zinkhan (aka Sandy Z) has been kind enough to explain to how she accomplishes this.

This process, as Sandy Z describes it for us, is sooooo easy that even I can do if I can do it, I know you're going to love its simplicity because the faster we get them converted to Clings the faster we can get to stamping!

Plus there's an added benefit of opening up 3/4 of the space currently dedicated to those stamps on wood blocks...those blocks take tons of space!

Sandy Z's Process:

We all probably have several stamps still on wood blocks that we'd love to use but we can't see through the wood so we tend not to  pull those out, right?


Grab one of your stamps on a wood block. Carefully pull up at one edge of the stamp with your fingers--be sure to grab under the foam layer so you pull it up along with the stamp--here are a couple of samples:

Pulling off wood block
Pulling off wood blockNote: if you find one of your stamps is a bit resistent to pulling it up from the wood, try microwaving it for about 5-10 seconds at a time--you don't want to destroy the rubber--just soften the glue a bit to remove the stamp/foam intact.


The residual stickiness on the foam will usually be enough to adhere to the inside of a standard stamp case (Item #119105) and to your clear blocks when you are ready for stamping.

From wood to NOTIf you find that your foam is not sticking to the case or to the clear blocks, you can use 1) leftover cling labels from your Cling stamps or 2) use the new Cling labels (Item #152452) in the new catalog. Either of these will provide all the "cling" you need to stick to the case and to your clear block.

Here are a couple of pics that show how she is labeling her cases. Cut a piece of copy paper 7 X 10 1/2...slide this under the outer plastic cover of the standard stamp case.



To indicate what's in the case you can

    *Cut pictures from old catalogs
    *Lay your wood blocks label side down on a copier and photocopy the set
    *Do a Google search for your specific set and print out the pictures of the set

Attach these to the copy paper that is inserted between the plastic layer & the case itself

LabelsTo conserve space (so we can get more stamps in our stamp space) Sandy Z puts 2 stamp sets in one standard stamp case--you can see above how she labels the spine to indicate the names of both sets.

Below you can see 2 Wood Stamp sets now converted to Cling stamp sets ready for storage in about a quarter of the space they took up when they were in separate cases on wood blocks!


Thanks to Sandy Z for sharing with us!

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