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A secret trick to "not stick" stamps

Today I'm going to share A Seret trick to "not stick" stamps! Let me ask you a question...with the new Stampin'Up! Cling stamps with those awesomely "sticky" labels that stick like glue to your blocks---do those same awesome labels also stick to your plastic stamp cases?  Today I'll share a secret trick with you to help you out with storing those stamps with cling labels.

Here's how I like to store my stamps---once I trim & label them (be sure to follow the directions printed on the inside of the case to put those labels on correctly or you're going to have a real mess)---I like to put them right back in the rubber sheet they arrived in so that at a glance I can see if all my stamps are in the case...looks like this:

Holding stamps in caseBut then when I try to use one of the stamps, sometimes those super sticky labels also stick to the back of my case & it's a real challenge to gently pick them up to use without damaging the foam in between the rubber stamp & the sticky label.

Stuck to case

I must give credit to one of my awesome stampers who shared this secret tip with us on one of our biweekly Show & Tell Zoom calls..Tish Lathroum was telling us how she prevents her cling labels from sticking to the case "like glue."  She recommends using baking parchment can find this with the foil & wax paper in your grocery store:

Parchment papr

Cut a piece of parchment paper 5 X 7--I used my paper cutter--gives a nice clean edge & I can get the measurement just right..

5 x 7

Then lay this parchment in the back of the stamp case & near the edge of the paper use about 3 small pieces of scotch tape to hold it to the plastic case at top &bottom...the shiny spot there is the tape--I need a class in photographing clear shiny tape! LOL  That's a tough one.

Scotch tape'

Now either put your rubber layer of stamps or your individual stamps back in the case with the cling labe side toward the parchment---there is absolutely "no stick." You can press down on the stamp & still no stick!

What an easy inexpensive way to really enjoy those cling stamps without having to pry them up from the stamp case & possibly damage the foam between the label & the rubber!

Thanks to Tish for sharing her secret with us---I guess it's no longer a secret since now so many of us know, right? LOL

If you have a 'secret' you'd like to share or if you have a problem you'd like some help solving, let me me at [email protected] someone of us has an a secret solution for you.

Did you notice I mentioned that Tish told us about this on our biweekly Show and Tall Zoom call...every 2 weeks we get together in a zoom call for a very informal sharing session...if you've created something or you've been cleaning/organizing or if you just need some inspiration--join us on Monday or Tuesday (yes we have 2 calls) & just enjoy some fellowship & chatting while we share our stamping lives with each other...if you'd like to join the next calls on Monday June 29th or Tuesday June 30th, email me at [email protected] - I"ll make sure you are on the list to get the link..we have a blast & the calls last about 30-60 minutes depending on how much chatting we do along the way--we'd love to see you then