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Solution to the Stampin'Up! die case problem!

Today we have a Solution to the Stampin'Up! die case problem!

Last week I was vacuuming (I do this on occasion if it doesn't interfere too much with my stamping) and just before it got sucked up in the vacuum I saw a small die on the floor. Now I'm pretty careful about getting them back in the plastic case after using them but I have found that with handling them some of those small dies do slip out the slit in the case no matter how careful I am--that slit is where the lid tab should be inserted. 

SlitSometimes I even have a tough time getting the tab inserted because the dies are attached to the cardboard insert & the tab gets hung up on the dies. You can see the slit and the dies that are adhered to the cardboard insert & just where the tab tries to insert.

Thumbnail_IMG_1793Soooo, I've discovered this awesome trick that works like a charm-
    *It prevents those dies from coming out of the tab slit
    *It prevents the case tab from getting hung up on the dies inside


First....let's  start  from scratch---here's a new set of dies--I just pulled it out the the plastic case & you can see the dies stuck on the cardboard by strips of tape--see it going through the center of the circle dies there:


Pull off all the dies from the cardboard...now you are left with just that sticky tape --this stuff always sticks to the plastic case when the dies are removed--can be quite annoying when you are trying to get the cardboard back in the case, right? Here's what's left..I know the tape is hard to see ---there are 2 lines of it approximatetly 1 1/2 from the top and bottom of the board here

TapeThen, take a clear envelope (item #102619, 50 envelopes $6.00)*--leave the covering on the flap--you don't need to remove that....

Clear envelopeand lay it on top of the cardboard with the flap laying flat on the cardboard & the opening of the envelope facing you...

Stick on boarsNow, all the sticky tape is covered...it will not stick to the case ---it's completely covered by the clear envelope...you don't need to add any adhesive--that tape that's already there works just fine.

Then, slip all those dies in to the envelope -remember the opening is facing you...

Slip in diesAnd slip the whole thing back in the plastic case...

Slide in caseNow you can tuck in the case flap - it doesn't get caught on the dies sticking up there or on the tape that was previously exposed. Note that the envelope opening is above the slit--so  the dies will not inadvertently slip out of the slit.

On other side of the case you can see the labeling sheet with the name of the dies and other info...

Label on outsideIt's a wonderfully quick & easy fix...all you need are the clear envelopes..that's it! I've been using this system for the past 2 weeks with the new dies from the new catalog & so far I've not had any problems...try it out--let me know what you think!

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