Sandi's Simply Stamping Kit
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Get It All!

Today I'm going to tell you how to Get It All! I'm sure you have now seen all the goodies in the Jan-Jun Stampin'Up! Mini catalog...there are 7 new Designer Series Papers, 7 New Ribbons, and 12 New Embellishments...that's a lot of new stuff. 

If you are like me you do want all of it but sometimes the budget says we can't just get all of it---at least all at one time. But you can and still stay in  your budget! 

We have 2 clubs---a Designer Series Paper Club and an Ribbon and Embellishment Club.  And....drum roll please....if you join both clubs you get 10% off both clubs...that's totally awesome and you get all that new good stuff!

The Designer Series Paper Club provides you will one full sheet of each design in the 7 new Designer Series Papers...that means if it is a 12 X 12 pack--you get one full 12 X 12 sheet of each design. If it is a 6 X 6 set of papers, you will get a 6 X 6 sheet of each design! Awesome!

The Ribbon & Embellishment Club provides you a full yard of each ribbon/twine/trim and a portion of each of the Embellishments. 

Attached is the full description that you can download and check out Download DSP full sheet club

Yes, the file says DSP but both clubs are listed on there and at the bottom of the sheet you'll see the 10% discount when you purchase both clubs.

After you play with all those goodies (imagine this--it's like Christmas to open this up and pull all those new items out of the box) you can decide if you want to purchase full packs of each item. In the meantime you have enough to get you started creating with the new supplies.

If you want to join either or both of the clubs  call 410 836 8016 or email: [email protected] and we'll get your clubs to you as soon as possible.

Note: Clubs and Discount are only available through January 31st. Order now while the discount is in effect.

If you want to see the products that are included in the clubs you can check them out below: