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Clean Up Your Embellishment Mess

Today we're going to talk about how to Clean Up Your Embellishment Mess! I don't know about you but when I need to dig into my embellishments, I really hesitate because I know it means dragging out that box that is stuffed with those little round plastic embellishment cases and they are all jumbled up in the bin with some ribbon and bits of other stuff that should have been put away but just got dumped in the bin (to be put away when I have time)'s one of my embellishment bins.... Embellishmnts before

And I don't have just one of these bins...I have multiple's really disasterous!

So I've tried stacking those little round plastic containers in the bins keeping them in tidy rows....I only needed to get into the bin once and my neat stacks were gone awry in two seconds.

I've tried putting those little round containers in zip lock bags but if I didn't seal them closed they spilled out in two shakes and it was a mess again.

In prep for receiving the new embellishments from the new catalog I decided it was time to do something about this mess in a way that it wouldn't happen again. 

I thought I needed something that was easy to open and close without much fuss because I have little patience when I'm designing...then I hit upon this...I decided to use the Full Wide Stamp cases---they are rectangular and snuggle up to each other very well...I can line them up in the bins and pull the entire bin out to the design table and (since I labeled the spine of the case) I can see in a glance which case I need to open. And even if I put the case back without closing the round plastic container--it's still all contained in the case! Embellishments after

I no longer have to dig through multiple containers or plastic bags...each is within easy reach and all lined up easy to read.

Now I keep multiple packs of some embellishments so I'm using the wide cases...if you only keep small amounts you may want to use the standard cases or the Half Wide cases...whatever works for your volume. You could also combine "like" elements in a single case and reduce the number of cases that you need.

If you are like me and like to keep small lengths of ribbon from the ends of spools--you can even label one for these bits--you can store a bunch of these in a single case.

So order your cases today--click on the Shop Now button or click on one of the product images below and you'll be in my store.


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