Sandi's Simply Stamping Kit #3
Stampin'Up! Leaf Trim Turns Gold- the Midas Touch Trick!

Here's a great glue trick!

I love intricate die cut designs -- so Here's a great glue trick! for working with them.

One of my favorite die cut designs is from the Flourishing Thinlet set: Die cut

Gorgeous, right? But gluing them onto your project can be messy and a bit tricky sometimes. Of course, the adhesive sheets are a great solution, but I'm going to show you a quick and easy trick if you don't have those on hand (they are retiring from the big catalog). 

You need a silicone craft pad, a dauber, and the multipurpose liquid glue...that's all.

The silicone craft pads are great to working with any glue....snail, glue dots, dimensionals, glue guns, and liquid glue. Just use the pad under any of your projects that use an adhesive...when finished, just roll any residual glue off the pad with your fingers or with a paper just rolls off.

I'm going to give you the step by step process that I use below and after that is the list of supply items that you'll need.

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Here's the quick and easy glue trick:

1. Cut out your die cut with the die cut machine--I recommend the Precision Base plate (Item #139684) and removing the small bits with the Die Brush (item #144262).

2. Lay the die cut face down (lay it upside down) on the silicone craft mat Silicone craft pad

3. Squirt a puddle of multipurpose liquid glue on the corner of the mat and get a clean dauber Glue + Dauber

4. Dip the dauber sponge gently into the glue (keep the glue amount small) and then dab it gently on the back of the die cut.  Note: do not drag the glue across the die cut--this will deposit small globs of glue in the corners where it will seep to the front of the die cut.  Just dab it on the back. You do NOT need to cover the entire back of the die cut--go for the outer edges and some spots in the center.

5. Let this dry for a couple of minutes (the less glue you apply the shorter the time to dry). When you can touch the back of the die and it just feels sticky but  no glue comes off on your is ready. Now apply the die cut to your project....and, if it doesn't get placed precisely where you want it, lift it off carefully and re-apply it to your project.  When  this  glue  dries, it  is  clear  but  remains  tacky....thus the  object  is  removable.Press onto project

Isn't that quick and easy? I recommend washing the dauber immediately under tap water so you an use it again. Just  roll off any remaining glue on your mat with your fingers or a paper towell.

Here's the Supply List: Order what you need right now: