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How Do You Keep Track of Your Embossing Folders?

How Do You Keep Track of Your Embossing Folders?  Are you like me--I just stuff mine in a plastic box and have to root around to find the one that goes with my current project--here's my box.. pretty pathetic, right?My boxI can tell you that this is not the most convenient or expedient way to store them or to look for just the right design--I"m constantly getting frustrated by having to look through the box or not finding what I'm looking for.

Today I'm going to share with you a method of keeping track of your embossing folders and of being able to quickly review the designs that you have.  It's a much faster way to track and to review designs for your current project.

One of Sandi's Stampers, Jackie Silvestri, was kind enough to pack all her stuff in the car and drive it to me so that I could see her system and take pics which I'm going to share with you today. 

First, Jackie numbers her folders--you can easily do with with a permanent magic marker--be sure to put the number up in a corner so that it is easily seen when you store them in a container...here's a few of Jackie's that she has numbered--she just brought a few in a bag to demo her system. Embossing folders  numberedThen Jackie found this cute little photo holder that you can sit on your work station....this is the front of it Embossing folders closed

You could get really fancy and put a picture of you stamping at one of our classes on the front cover, right?

Next step is to run a piece of cardstock through the Big Shot with each of your folders--fit the cardstock to the size of the plastic photo holder sleeves --probably about 4 X 5. Then number your sample with the same number that is on your embossing folder, slip it in the holder sleeve in numberical order.

Embossing folders openNow you are ready for your project....get your supplies assembled, pick out a design, go to your embossing folder design holder and flip through all your folder designs to select the one that coordinates with your project. When you select it--then note the number on the sleeve and go to you box of folder to that number.  Just a hint here--try to keep the actual folders in numerical order so you don't have to search for it! LOL

Give it a try--let me know what you think--you can leave me a message at the end of this post or shoot me an email: [email protected]. Do YOU have a hand hint for our stampers? If so, let me know and we may share it with our fellow stampers?

Thanks to Jackie for sharing with us!