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AWESOME Glimmery News!!!

Today I'm going to share some truly AWESOME Glimmery News!!!

As you know I love, love, love Glimmer Paper and that sometimes when we use thinlets we are challenged with getting a good cut! And, we've all been waiting to get our hands on the 4 new Glimmer Papers so we could see if they work well with thinlets.

Well, the AWESOME NEWS is that the New GLIMMER PAPER is AWESOME!!!  The backing is thinner and the cut is truly AWESOME...I"m going to show you pictures and also  give you a good hint about "over" cutting...so check this out....

First, here's the new set of thinlets (Springtime Impressions) that I'm using today--the butterfly which as you can see has a lot of intricate design work going on: Thinlry

Here we are ready to cut (Magnetic platform, Precision Base Plate, Glimmer paper (face up), Die (face down), standard cutting pad)

Ready to cut

Now, roll it through the Big Shot JUST ONE TIME.  Did you know that sometimes the more you roll it through the Big Shot the harder it is to get out of the dies--sometimes tearing when you try to dig it out? So always run it through the least amount of times you can to avoid this catastrophe.  Do you know how to tell if you have run it through enough? Turn the die over and look at the back--if you see good cuts through the backing like this (below) then you do not need to run it through again--in fact, you shouldn't run it through again so you won't empact they paper into the die.  This is what a good cut looks like: Backsided

Now leave the paper in the die and use your Die Brush on the die-side:

Die brush

Remove the paper from the die and you are ready to use in your project...


Here's a finished card using this same die---awesome, right?

  Holding abstract impressions butterfly

So remember:

*Only run the die through the Big Shot one time
*Check the back for a good cut
*Leave the paper in the thinlet/die to use the Die Bruch
*Use the Die Brush on the "die" side --not on the paper side

I could hardly wait to give you the good news! I almost posted a couple of days early to get this great news to you! So go to my store (hit the Shop Now button) or click on one of the product images below to order some of that new re-designed Glimmer paper and other supplies that you need.

If you'd like me to place the order call 410 836 8016 or email: sandihartka@sandilovesstamping.com.

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