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How to Flatten Your Curved Big Shot Cutting Pads

Today I'm going to show you How to Flatten Your Curved Big Shot Cutting Pads. You know especially when using the Precision Base plate (even when you turn it over each time you use it) that your cutting pads develop a curve. This isn't the end of the world but eventually the curvature becomes too bad and it would be great to flatten them back out. This is the "before" view of a cutting pad on the counter--see the big bubble....Pad before

A couple of years ago I worked out a formula that seemed to work fine...but lately that formula wasn't working well and I've redone the formula so that it works better with the current cutting pads.  So today I'll show you what I'm currently doing to prolong the life of those cutting pads. Yep, Sandi's cooking again!

First, get an old cookie sheet and cover it with foil Cookie sheet w foil

Next, lay 2 curved cutting pads side by side--not touching but fairly close together is fine. (Bubble up like the first picture above)2 pads

Set a big heavy casserole on top of the cutting pads. Casserole

Set on the middle rack of your oven. Now turn oven to 350 degrees and set your timer for 16 minutes. Be sure to remove the tray from the oven when the timer goes off to avoid further "melting" of the pads.

Set the tray with casserole in place on cooling racks and let cool. When all parts are cooled, remove the casserole and your cutting pads should look like this (side shot)! FullSizeRender
You'll probably be able to flatten your pads a couple of  times and then you'll need to replace them. I recommend not waiting until they are too curved before flattening them---they can get too curved and then they do not flatten to the point of being able to use them again.

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