#3 Holly-Daze Gift for You & SU New EXTRAVAGANZA
Holly Daze Gift #5 for You

#4 Holly-Daze Gift for You

So far we've had sales on Kits, Big Shot/accessories, stocking stuffers, and today...

Your Holly-Daze Gift #4

11/18/17 - 24 hours ONLY

11/18/ANY STAMP SET that contains a GREETING

10% off


Greetings of any kind

for example

-Merry Chrhistmas

-Happy New Year

-Happy Birthday

-Happy Anniversary

-Hello Friend

-Happy Easter

-Seasons Greetings

-You Are Remarkable

if it has words, it's probably a greeting, right?

(I'm the boss and I say it is!)

Place your order now!

You only have 24 hours for this gift!


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Your items can be mailed directly to you


Today is the the middle of the sale gifts---you have 3 more to go! So keep checking back each day!

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