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Scratched Foil Sheets When Die-cutting

 Do you ever encounter this problem - scratched foil sheets when die-cutting?  If you use your Big Shot and your framelits/thinlets/edgelits a lot like I do, your cutting pads will quickly get etched with the cuttings of those dies. Then if you use those pads when cutting a piece of foil, the etchings may cut into your smooth foil and look something like this.

Scratched Foil sheets from die cutting

There is a quick and easy solution for this dilemma --- use this Big Shot sandwich:

Big Shot, Magnetic Platform, cutting pad, foil paper, framelit, tissue paper, cutting pad

Then when you roll it through the Big Shot it will look like this:

Using the tissue paper method


The transfer of the etchings to foil usually happens when your cutting pads get "bowed" from extended use or when you forget to flip them over each time you use them to help keep them flat over time.  Using these pads with the Precision Base plate often quickens the bowing effect.

You can often straighten the cutting pads by doing this..

Cookie sheet, aluminum foil, cutting pad (curved side up), very heave casseroles (use more than one to make it heavy).  Place this  ensemble in the oven at 375 degrees for 20 minutes.  When you remove it from the oven, leave the casseroles in place until the cutting pad reaches room  temp.

One more thing, in the above pictures, did you notice I am using the Stitched Shape Framelits that were introduced last fall and went to "unorderable"?  Well, they are back in stock now and you can place your orders for them now!  The information is in the supply list below. 

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