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I just created the DIY Quickest Easy Cheap Gift Bag ever! Take a look at this! Isn't she cute?

Gift bag from a lunch bag
Quickest Easy Cheap Gift Bag

I used plain brown lunch  bags for this little I opened up one and put another one inside. There's actually quite a bit of room in there--I put in a winter scarf--so you can use these for just about any small gift.

I'm going to give you the step by step--and there aren't many steps--and then I'll give you the list of supplies you'll need to create this gift bag--and you can do tons of them in a very short time...great for the office, girlfriends, kids parties...and the list goes on!

Here we go:

1. Open one bag and place another one inside and open it up. Using scissors, cut about 3/4" strips from the top to about 1/3 of the way down. Place your gift inside.

2. With an 18"piece of Real Red stitched edge ribbon tie a bow right below the cut strips.

3. Cut a 2 X 5" piece of Crumb Cake cardstock and using the fringe scissors, cut up the long side to about 1/2"of the other long side...these are the bangs--adhere under the ribbon edge using Tear & Tape. (Note: you can use your bone folder to give a little curl to the fringed part.)

4. Punch two 1 1/2"circles from Whisper White cardstock; punch two 1" circles from Basic Black cardstock. Glue the black circles onto the white circles using multipurpose liquid glue--glue these onto the bag as eyes.

5. Using the 1 3/4"circle punch, move a piece of red cardstock up into the punch about halfway-punch. Toss this punched piece. Move the punch up about 1/2" so you see a moon shape and punch. Adhere this "smile" to the bag under the eyes using liquid glue.

Your unique gift wrapping is completed!

Now here are the few supplies you'll need to recreate this cute gift bag.