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It's in the bag---$20 Stampin'Up! Products

Friday night I had such fun--I gave away a bag of Stampin'Up! products worth over $20! Why? I rewarded one of my Sandi's Stampers for bringing a new stamping buddy! Here's what it looked like:

6-28-16 $20 Bring a Friend

(Be sure to read to the very end of this message)
What will be in YOUR surprise bag? Could be stamp set, cardstock, envelopes, inks, embellishments, ribbon, designer paper, and the list goes on (product may be current or retired)! What fun to open yours and see what's in there!
Love stamping? Share it with your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors....
share it with EVERYONE!!!
One of the best classes to bring a new stamper is the Card Express class--it's quick, simple and designed for new stampers! (Card Express is the 4th Friday of every month).
But you don't have to wait for the Express Class...bring the new stamper to any class and earn your $20 Bag of Stamping Supplies!
Don't assume they don't want to come--
Ask them!
Nothing to lose and
$20 worth of Stampin'Up! product to gain!
There's no limit to the number of free bags you can earn
(Offer ends December 4th, 2016)
How many bags should I prepare for YOU?
Call now to register yourself and your new stamping buddy--call 410 836 8016!
I'll start packing your Surprise Bags!
Long Distance Option
Don't live close to come to a class? But still want one of those surprise bags? Here's how to earn one...
1. Share your catalog with a new buddy (new to Sandi's Stampers)--or the buddy can look at it online, or they can email me and I'll mail one to them--be sure to have them mention your name in the email ([email protected]).
2. When they place their first order of $50 in product (excludes shipping & tax), I will mail your surprise bag to you! So don't wait---start sharing your  catalog with EVERYONE--and earn your $20 of Free Stampin'Up! product today!

Simple Simple Simple--but Beautiful All Occasion Card

I'm always getting into a situation where I need a quick card but I want it to be very striking and have lots of's card has all that and more! It takes just about 10 minutes--if you are slow--and it have lots of character--but best of all, this card can be used for any occasion--I cannot think of a situation (and this includes weddings and sympathy) for which this card (with the appropriate greeting) cannot be used. 6-25-16 Irresistably Floral completed card

Well, what do you think---am I right? Change the color and/or use a different design from the Irresistibly Floral Specialty Designer Series Paper and you can use this for any occasion.

I'm going to give you step by step directions followed by a supply list which is very short.

1. Cut a piece of Flirty Flamingo cardstock 4 1/4 X 11, score the long side at 5 1/2 (card base)

2. Cut a piece of Irresistibly Floral Specialty Designer Series Paper 3 X 4. 6-25-16 1 Irresistably Floral Specialty Designer Paper

3. Ink up your sponge brayer with Flirty Flamingo Classic ink. Hint: DO NOT press hard on the ink pad--first if the handle hits your pad it will damage the pad surface. It it not necessary to bear down on the sponge because the ink only adheres to the surface of the sponge--it does not sink in--so just roll the sponge lightly across the ink pad.   6-25-16 Sponge Brayer

4. Roll the brayer over the Floral paper---you will need to re-ink the brayer after a few rolls. Keep reinking and lightly roll over the floral paper until you get the depth of color that you like--there is no right or wrong here--just what you like. 6-25-16 Brayering the paper

5. Take a tissue and light rub over the entire surface of the inked paper to remove any excess ink. Adhere the paper to the bottom front of the cardbase using multipurpose liquid glue. Cut a 15"length of Blushing Bride stitched satin ribbon and tie around the card front in a  square knot.   6-25-16 Tissuing off excess ink

6. Stamp Thanks Kindly (One Big Meaning stamp set) in Archival black ink on the top of the card base. Adhere a heart from the Metallic Enamel shapes (see picture). 6-25-16 Irresistably Floral completed card

Your card is completed--probably in less that 10 minutes unless you stopped in the middle for coffee or tea! What do you think--quick, easy, and gorgeous and it meets almost any occasion--can you think of an occasion that a card like this (in the right color and with the correct greeting) would not be appropriate? If you can, leave me a comment.

 I'd recommend making up several of these without the greeting--keep them on hand, and when you need a card--stamp the appropriate greeting and pop it in the mail. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Here's the supply list--use the Shop Now button right now to order the supplies you need for creating this card:

Coloring your Stampin'Up! Embossing Folders - Floral Affection

Today we're going to color one of my favorite new Stampin'Up! embossing folders--the Floral Affection folders.This is actually a set of two small folders (flower + banners) that are paired with the Love & Affection stamp set--what an awesome combination! See for yourself:

Floral Affection

 See the soft shadowing around the floral image in the upper half of the card? That's a really easy technique that gives you a really professional appearance to your embossed images. I'm going to give you step by step instructions to create this card and then I'll give you the supply list.

1. Cut a piece of Basic Black cardstock 4 1/4 X 11, score the long side at 5 1/2 (cardbase).

 2. Cut a piece of Whisper white cardstock (#100730) 4 X 5 1/4.Cut a piece of Blushing Bride cardstock 2 1/4 X 4 and a piece of Sweet Sugarplum cardstock 3 X 4.

3. We'll need a dauber (mark the side with a chalk marker - Sugarplum), Sweet Sugarplum classic ink, and the Floral Affection flower embossing folder. 6-21-16 1 Supplies for Floral Affection Project

4. With your sponge dauber, add ink to the underside of the front of the embossing folder--you'll see Sizzix on the bottom of the front of the folder--the underside of the front is what we want to add the ink to--use more ink to give you darker tones or less ink to give you a softer look. 6-21-16 2 Daubering Floral Affection folder

6-21-16 3 Colored Floral Affection folder

5. Take the Blush cardstock from step 2 and center this inside the folder, close carefully. 6-21-16 4 Place cardstock in Floral Affection folder

6. Run the folder through the Big Shot (I'm using the new platform (#142802) which gives you a great even pressure all across the roller area). 6-21-16 5 Place Floral Affection folder in Big Shot

7. Take the cardstock from the folder and it will look like this.  6-21-16 Completed image from Floral Affection Folder

8. With the tiny flower image from the coordinating Love & Affection stamp set, stamp a few images (see card) in Sweet Sugarplum classic ink. Add a couple of Rhinestone to the flower centers--see picture. Adhere this piece to the Whisper White cardstock from step 2 using the multipurpose liquid glue.

9. Place the Sweet Sugarplum cardstock from step 2 in the banner folder and run through the Big Shot. Adhere this to the bottom of the White cardstock using liquid glue.

10. Adhere a 5"piece of Sweet Sugarplum ruched ribbon over the seam of the 2 pieces of cardstock and adhere the ends to the back of the white cardstock. I used Tear and Tape to adhere the ribbon.  Now adhere the assembled unit to the black cardbase using liquid glue.

11. Cut a piece of Blushing Bride cardstock 2 1/2 X 3/4, stamp "sending smiles your way"(Love & Affection cardstock) in Archival Black ink. Cut dovetails in both end. Cut a piece of Blushing Bride glimmer paper 7/8 X 2" and adhere the stamped cardstock to the center of the glimmer with Tear & Tape. Adhere this unit to the center of the banner imprints with Tear & Tape Floral Affection

Your card in completed---isn't it beautiful?  When  you try this, leave me a comment so I'll know how you did.

Here's the supply list. Use the Shop Now button at the top of the page right now to order your supplies to create this project.

How to Use the Detailed Floral Thinlets #2

 Last Tuesday we used the 2 floral dies in the Stampin'Up! Detailed Floral Thinlet set. Today we're going to use just the wide floral die with the edgelit that comes in the set. Note: this edgelit fits both the thin and wide detailed dies.

Here's the card we will  create today:

6-17-16 6

Below are the step by step directions and following  the instructions is the supply list.

1. Cut a piece of thick Whisper White cardstock 4 1/4 X 11, score the long side at 5 1/2 (cardbase). Cut a piece of Garden Green cardstock 4 X 3 1/2".  6-17-16 1

2. Lay the Garden Green cardstock on the Precision Plate (on the Big Shot) Lay the wide floral die at the bottom of the Garden Green cardstock leaving a 1/8"border on the bottom and the sides. Position the edgelit alog the top of the floral die leaving about a 1/8"border. Cover with a cutting pad and run through the Big Shot at least twice. Leaving the die in place, turn the cardstock over to make sure you see definitive cutting through the cardstock. If not, run through the Big Shot one more time. 6-17-16 2

3. Leaving the die in place, plase the cardstock/die on the foam pad of the Die Brush set. Roller the brush over the die to remove the small cut out pieces. 6-17-16 3

4. Place small dots of multipurpose liquid glue in the wider areas of the cardstock. Note: very small dots of glue are all that is needed to hold the cardstock in place. Adhere to the cardbase near the botton leaving about 1/8" border. 6-17-16 4

5. Rub the Embossing buddy over the upper part of the card base. Stamp Happy Birthday (Stylized Happy Birthday individual stamp) in Versamark, sprinkle with Copper Embossing Powder, heat with Heat Tool until shiny copper. 6-17-16 5

6. Add 3 rhinestones (see picture) around the verse. 6-17-16 6

Your card is completed! Isn't it awesome! Try one--use different colors and leave me a comment!

Here's the supply list. Use the Shop Now button at the top of the page to order your supplies now.

How to Use New Detailed Floral Thinlets

I'm sure when you looked through the new Stampin'Up! annual catalog you saw the awesome Detailed Floral Thinlets. There are two terrific ways to use these I'm going to show you one way and Friday I'll show the second way! Both are absolutely beautiful.

Today we'll be using both of the dies (Friday we'll be using the 3rd part of the die set).  Here's the card we'll be creating today: 6-14-16 6

Here are the steps and after the directions I'll give you the supply list.

  1. Cut a  piece of Pool Party cardstock 8 1/2 X 5 1/2, score the long side at 4 1/4" (cardbase). Cut a piece of Basic Black cardstock at 4 X 5 1/4"
  2. 6-14-16 1Place the black cardstock on the Precision Base plate on the Big Shot. Lay the 2 large dies pieces on the black cardstock as shown in the picture below). Run through the Big Shot 2-3 times to make sure you have a good cut.  Leaving the dies in place, turn the black cardstock over and make sure the cut lines are prominent. If not, run through the Big Shot one more time.

6-14-16 2

3. Place the die/cardstock on the foam pad of the Die Brush set and brush through the die to remove the small cut out pieces.

6-14-16 34. Turn the black cardstock to the back side and place very small dots of multipurpose liquid glue in spots that have large surface areas...small is the key word here--you need only small dots of glue to hold it in place.

6-14-16 45. Adhere this cardstock to the front of the card base leaving equal sized borders on all 4 sides.

6. Rub the Embossing Buddy over the blank area of the black cardstock, Using the Happy Birthday (Vertical Greetings stamp set), stamp Happy Birthday in Versmark in, sprinkle with Silver Embossing powder, and heat with Heat Tool until shiny silver.

6-14-16 5

Your  card is completed! Isn't it awesome---try some different colors and leave me a comment!

6-14-16 6

Here is the supply list you can use to order the supplies you need for this project using the Shop Now button at the top of the page.

How to use builder punches efficiently

Have you ever been frustrated when you are using builder punches (punches that punch out multiple images at one time) because you end up punching into another image unintentionally? Me too!

I have a really easy way for you to avoid that frustration and get all your pieces punched out very efficiently. I'm going to use the new Stampin'Up! Fox builder punch, the Foxy Friends stamp set and some scrap cardstock and ink. 

I'll show you photos along with the step by step instructions--you'll be a pro in no time! Here we go--let's stamp and punch a basic fox--head, body and tail:

  1. Grab a scrap of paper, your Fox Builder punch--punch--this is now your stamping template! Here's what that will look like: 6-10-16 1
  2.  Now get the body stamp (Foxy Friends stamp set) and stamp THROUGH the body portion of your template onto a white piece of cardstock. This is what that looks like: 6-10-16 2
  3. Stamp the head and the tail THROUGH the template..... 6-10-16 3 6-10-16 4

  4. Now remove the template and this is what you will see. 6-10-16 5
  5. Get your Fox Builder punch, insert the white cardstock with your stamped images, line it up with the punch openings and punch--this is soooo easy because all the parts line up really well, right? 6-10-16 6
  6. Here are you punched pieces ready for assembling the entire fox: 6-10-16 7

Was that not the easiest way to get the whole fox without punching into stamped images you didn't want? When you try it, leave me a comment and let me know how  you like it!

Here are the supplies you can order right now to get started. Use the shop now button at the top of the page to place your order in my store:

Stampin'Up! New In Color Club

Have you seen the new  2016-2018 Stampin'Up! In Colors? Take a look at some notecards created using them. Starting from the right top: Dapper Denim, Flirty Flamingo, Peekaboo Peach, Emerald Envy and Sweet Sugarplum!

6-7-16 In Colors

Would you like to have all of them to use in your pallette? It's easy--over the next 5 months you canl receive all the products in one color each month and by the end of 5 months you will have all 5
Ink pads + refills
Ruched ribbons (this is awesome)


At the end of 5 months--you will also receive
12 X 12 Stack of 2016-18  In Color Designer Series Paper
2016018 In Color Enamel Dots


a FREE gift from me --
package of 8 1/2 X 11 In Color cardstock (the multipack)
(value = $9.32) which is equivalent to
nearly a 5% on your entire purchase of the In Color products!

Monthly Club Fee:  $40.75

(and you can select the order in which you receive the colors!)

Join the In Color club today! Own them all!
 Own them all and have a full palette of colors at your finger tips ready for your next project.

Call me 410 836 8016 or email me at [email protected] to join the CLUB!!

DIY Unique Designer Paper

Ever want to create a cute card but no designs come into your head and out your stamps?  That happened to me and I decided to create a great background using a designer paper--but then I didn't have one that really met my needs, sooooo, I decided to create my own designer paper. And I did, and it was so cute that I didn't need to do anything else but add a sentiment...what do you think?

6-3-16 Perfectly Wrapped Designer Paper

 It was so easy to do and the best part is that you can do it with tons of the new stamp sets! I used Perfectly Wrapped (awesome new one). I'm going to give you step by step directions---but its'so easy you probably don't need directions. After that I'll give you my supply list.

  1. Cut a piece of Flirty Flamingo cardstock 8 1/2 X 5 1/2, score the long side at 4 1/4 (card base).
  2. Cut a piece of Basic Black cardstock 4 X 5 1/4; adhere this to the card front using multipurpose liquid glue.
  3. Cut a piece of Whisper White cardstock 3 7/8 X 5 1/8--we'll stamp on this.
  4. Using the large  outline flower (Perfectly Wrapped stamp set), stamp in Archival black ink randomly over the cardstock leaving some space between the flowers.
  5. Using the medium sized solid flower, stamp in Flirty Flamingo classic ink over the outlines and in the spaces between those flowers.
  6. Using the dotted circle stamp, stamp randomly over the front of the card in Emerald Envy classic ink--note: see how the circles overlap a bit on the edges of the circles---this adds a bit of continuity to the design.  Adhere this cardstock to the front of the card using multipurpose liquid glue.
  7. Cut Emerald Envy cardstock 2 1/8 X 1 1/4. Cut Watermelon cardstock (Item #138334) 1 7/8 X 1--adhere to Emerald cardstock using liquid glue.
  8. Cut Whisper white cardstock 7/8 X 1 3/4; stamp THANKS (Perfectly Wrapped stamp set) in Archival Black ink, ahere to above unit with dimensionals. Now adhere this to the card front in the lower right corner.

Your card is completed!  Isn't that awesome--and you didn't need to design the card--your own created designer paper is all you needed!  Try this out and email me a picture of your completed project!

Here's the supply list...use the Shop Now button at the top of the page to order your supplies right now: