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How to use builder punches efficiently

Have you ever been frustrated when you are using builder punches (punches that punch out multiple images at one time) because you end up punching into another image unintentionally? Me too!

I have a really easy way for you to avoid that frustration and get all your pieces punched out very efficiently. I'm going to use the new Stampin'Up! Fox builder punch, the Foxy Friends stamp set and some scrap cardstock and ink. 

I'll show you photos along with the step by step instructions--you'll be a pro in no time! Here we go--let's stamp and punch a basic fox--head, body and tail:

  1. Grab a scrap of paper, your Fox Builder punch--punch--this is now your stamping template! Here's what that will look like: 6-10-16 1
  2.  Now get the body stamp (Foxy Friends stamp set) and stamp THROUGH the body portion of your template onto a white piece of cardstock. This is what that looks like: 6-10-16 2
  3. Stamp the head and the tail THROUGH the template..... 6-10-16 3 6-10-16 4

  4. Now remove the template and this is what you will see. 6-10-16 5
  5. Get your Fox Builder punch, insert the white cardstock with your stamped images, line it up with the punch openings and punch--this is soooo easy because all the parts line up really well, right? 6-10-16 6
  6. Here are you punched pieces ready for assembling the entire fox: 6-10-16 7

Was that not the easiest way to get the whole fox without punching into stamped images you didn't want? When you try it, leave me a comment and let me know how  you like it!

Here are the supplies you can order right now to get started. Use the shop now button at the top of the page to place your order in my store: