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Permanent Glitter Stick

 If you know me, you know that sparkle, glitter and shine are my middle names (yes, you can have more than one middle name)! And many of you know that when you use glitter (sparkle and shine), it sometimes jumps off where you put it.  

Today I'm going to show you how to keep that glitter (sparkle & shine) where you want it to stay---Stampin'Up! Heat & Stick powder is not a new product but sometimes we forget to use some of the supplies we've had available for here goes. After I explain step by step, I'll give you the list of supplies you'll need to repeat this process.

  1. Grab your Heat & Stick Powder and your Versamark ink pad.

4-26-16 1 Heat & Stick powder

2. Stamp your image in Versamark

4-26-16 2 Stamp image in Versamark

3.Sprinkle liberally with the Heat & Stick Powder


4. Heat with the Heat Tool until it appears glossy...IMMEDIATELY proceed to step 5

4-26-16 4 Heat with Heat tool

5. Sprinkle liberally with your glitter (I'm using silver). Tap off the excess glitter.

4-26-16 5 Sprinkle with glitter


6. Heat the second time with the Heat Tool....this may be a bit more difficult to see- -if you watch carefully you'll see the glitter shimmer a bit when it it melted into the Heat & Stick powder.

4-26-16 6 Heat with Heat tool 2nd time

You are completed! The Glitter is glued to your project and doesn't flake off

4-26-16 7 Completed

Here's the supply list. Order your supplies now using the Shop Now button at the top of the page: