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#imbringingbirthdaysback translated is I'm bringing birthdays back! Have you noticed that lots of people only remember your birthday when they  get a notice on Facebook that it's your birthday--and by that time it's too late to mail you a card--so they just cop out with a HBD on your wall? When it's my birthday I love reaching in that mailbox and pulling out a real actual paper card! I'm especially thrilled with it's handmade!

Someone remembered that it was my day, and someone cared enough to pop it in the mail so I'd have a smile in my mail that day (I don't care if it's actually on the day--it can be close and I'm fine with that LOL).

So I've begun Sandi's Stampers Birthday Club---it has some rewards for you but the greatest reward is for those you reap the benefits of getting a birthday card in the mail from you! But they won't get it unless you think about it and get one in the mail.

We're beginning the club April 1st--just agree to mail 4 birthday cards each month and you'll receive a birthday gift from me in your birthday month. Additionally, every quarter you'll have your name in a drawing for a free pack of cardstock and a pack of envelopes! How easy is that--and, at least 4 other people will have a smile on their day.

It's not too late to  start--just call 410 836 8016 or email sandihartka@sandilovesstamping.com--add your name to the registry (you'll get updated lists of the registry when others join). You don't have to send cards to people on the registry--they can be to your family, friends, co-workers--anyone--and if you really don't have someone--let me know and I'll have a solution for you!

Also, once per quarter we'll have a Birthday Express--make 12 cards (4 designs, 3 of each)--enough to fulfill your quarterly quota. It's a deal too-12 cards for $20....this is not a requirement....it's just an option to get those cards ready--the cards are cute, simple and quick....first Express is April 2nd, 1PM. Make your reservation now--410 836 8016 or email sandihartka@sandilovesstamping.com. (Check out the pics of the cards we'll be making). Join the fun now!

4-2-16 BDC Beautiful Bunch

4-2-16 BDC dsp

4-2-16 BDC green stripe

4-2-16 BDC Candle