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Displaying your Memories

How do you display your memories?  Do you box them up and stuff them under the bed (when I went to college, that was my Dad's answer to every storage problem!)? Do you shoebox them and put them in a closet on the shelf?  Do you keep them on your smart phone? Do you keep them cached on your computer?

How's that working for you--do you enjoy looking through them with your family and friends? If you keep them on your smart phone--do you spend 10 minutes trying to find the picture you want to show them?  Do your kids know what their grands, aunts/uncles, cousins looked like when they were young? Do they know what you looked like when you were young?

Wouldn't it be nice to have some of those special memories in a nice orderly presentation that is in easy reach and available to share at just the right moment with your family and friends?

I can help you get there in a very short can ask a few of your friends to bring a handful of pictures, come to my studio and we'll experience the magic of getting those photos in a lovely arrangement, quickly, easily, and (this is best of all) inexpensively!

I have a method to keep you on track and not get bogged down in lots of details--this means that you will get those memories documented fast--it will make the activity so much fun--you'll want to share it with everyone you know--let me show you how  easy this method is.

Take a look at this page below--this was created in a matter of minutes--imagine getting an entire album completed in a few short hours....then you will have time to go out and create some more great memories!

Proj life Shawn & Tami & GG

But, you say, I love to do traditional scrapbooking too! No worries, you can always create a lovely intro page to a section of photos...for example, here's a traditional scrap page I just created--I can use this to begin a series of photos celebrating a family event....then follow with several pages containing tons of pictures like the one above...this is YOUR memory album, you can create it in any way that brings you pleasure.  

2-20-15 Scrap - left

I think you will find that this new method of displaying your memories will solve your problems of
*How to get started...where to begin
*What to do with all those pictures
*How to do it without spending hours and hours and (let's face it) days of work
*Keep in inexpensive so that you will still have dollars to spend on making new memories

Call me today 410 836 8016 or email me [email protected] and let's get started!