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New Design!

New Design for the Memory keeping class on 2/20!  We are keeping the pages "general" in design this year (as opposed to seasonal pages in the past). By using a general design you can incorporate many types of photos into your album--heritage, family, events, groups, clubs, etc. We are keeping the colors to muted tones also--in this (and last month's pages) we are in the neutral tones and some awesome accessories to keep it interesting. 

One feature that will be included in each set of pages is an area where you can journal---now don't groan--we are not talking about pages and pages of writing. As I  look back at photos and albums from my past, I often don't remember (or never knew) the event, the people in the pictures, or the date of the pictures. That is awesome and really important information.

So when I say an area for journaling--just include names, dates, places, events...that way the future generations will be able to  understand what the photo actually represents.

Some of the ladies who attend these classes also attend the Project Life classes--using the pocketed pages for quick and easy assembly of pictures with a bit of accessorizing.  This way you have the best of both world.....lovely presentation pages to begin a section...then follow with Project Life pages to add serveral more photos that can be quickly assembled.

If you think the future generations won't want to look at these pics--you are wrong! I do a Heritage album for my family every year for Christmas. This year my great niece (she's still pretty little) made her Grandmom sit down with the newest album and go through the pictures to see who was who and what their relationships are. Pretty cool!

OK, back to the February pages, here they are--you need to register to make these pages...you can email [email protected] or call me 410 836 8016 to register.  The event is a Friday evening (2/20) from 7-9:30PM. 

2-20-15 Scrap - left

2-20-15 right