Happy New Year!! Let's get back to stamping!
Stampin'Up! Project Life Adventure

New Photo Album Styles for Classes

We are starting the new year with a new style of Photo albums styles - 2 of them!

First we are having 3 classes in which you will be able to complete a photo album using the new Project Life products--in the classes you will receive the pocketed pages (1 & 2 class, a set of cards (1st class) and the leather photo album (last class). Also included is a set of grid cards for journaling (adding names and dates to your pages).  If you are interested I still have 2 spaces available--contact me now to start on your holiday pics and get that album done!

Second, our traditional photo album pages will be getting a new look! Instead of the usual seasonal pages which many of you have but don't use or can't use for your pictures, we are going to general look pages--these are great for family photos, heritage pictures, or general occasion photos...this way you won't be limited to a specific season but can use these pages for all types of photos,

Why not get out those boxes of photos you have stuffed in the closet, the storage room, the basement, and under the bed--bet you didn't know I knew about those, right? Well, don't start squirming about your secret photo stashes---we all have them. Start your year off by getting those out, selecting a few representative photos and get them into a format that you and your family can enjoy! Join our regular scrapbooking groups and make some awesome pages and show off those photos!

Check the Class Schedule and Sign up today!

Attached are the first set of pages--and since photographs of these pages does not really show you any sparkle or shine that really gives them some character--I'm also including a snap of one of the embellishments so you can get the flavor of these pages and what they really look like.

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