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Quick Christmas Card

Quick Tip!

Good Morning, Stampers,

I know you are busy around the holidays so I thought I'd give you a time-saving tip about using your thinlets. Sometimes I have a bit of difficulty getting cardstock out of the thinlet like these:


If you find getting the cardstock out of the thinlet a bit tedious especially with smaller pieces, try these tips for releasing the cardstock after it is cut:

1. Before putting the thinlet/cardstock through the Big Shot, place a piece of wax paper between the thinlet and the cardstock.  You will still most likely need to use your paper piercer to poke through the holes in the thinlet to release the cut cardstock, but the waxed paper will help slide it out. Very narrow images may need a tiny boost with the tip of your paper piercer between the cardstock and the thinlet--very gently follow the thinlet groove --this will also assist in lifting out the smaller pieces.

(Important hint: make sure you clean out the wax paper  between cuts so that it does not build up and decrease the cutting capability of hte thinlet).

2. Place a piece of dryer sheet between the thinlet and the cardstock. (don't forget to clean out any dryer sheet between cuts)

One other hint for getting sharp cuts with thinlets---use your magnetic platform to keep everything in one place and run the thinlet back and forth in the Big Shot 2-3 times especially when using the thinker Glimmer paper. Before trying to remove the thinlet from the cut cardstock/glimmer paper, turn it over and look at the back side--is the image completely cut through the cardstock/glimmer paper? If not, run it back through the Big Shot another time or two until you see a nice clean image on the backside. Then use one of the above helpful hints to remove the cut piece.

Hope these hints will decrease your prep time and increase your partying time over the holidays!