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Kinked Ribbon & Twine - Easy Fix Tip

Have you ever been frustrated when doing a project using ribbon, twine, or linen thread when the "kink" appears in exactly the wrong place like this?

Kinked ribbon

If you are like me, I don't want to drag out the iron (even if I knew where I left it in 2011, the last time I used it), Try this quick and easy (and inexpensive) tip to get rid of those crease lines.

Take your Stampin'Up! Spritzer (#126185), fill it with rubbing alcohol and lightly spritz the kinks.


With your fingers gently tug out the kinks. The ribbon/twine/linen thread dries almost instantly..and it looks like this:

Kinked ribbon3

So try this out next time you have kinks in that ribbon, twine, and linen thread! And if you don't have a spritzer---you can get one through my online store or 410 836 8016 or email: [email protected]